solutions to improve education management systems to be better

There is no end if we talk about crypto, as there is always something new that can be developed by this technology. Crypto is identical to the financial industry because at first crypto was designed to replace the FIAT in the future. But over time many people began to develop crypto for different things, almost all industries can already be integrated into the blockchain. And the latest is the blockchain technology that is used to develop education management systems. 
Education is the main focus for the current era, a lot of new things can be learned and a lot of technology makes it easy for people to access it. but it is quite the opposite if we look at education management. The current system is too old-fashioned if used in an all-digital era. Payment is still using a manual system which needs intermediaries to verify it. Or processing data that still uses physical form, even though there have been many campaigns to transition to the cloud / online system. This is very inefficient because there are too many things that are unnecessary, for that we need a system that can simplify the current system. And one thing that is certain is that the system needed is not only digital but a system that can reduce the role of humans in it. 

And the amazing thing is that there are now projects like that. this project is called unifinity, a project with the aim of making the education management system easier, faster and safer. Unifinity is one of the many crypto projects currently exist. Where they focus on developing blockchain technology for an educational management system platform. 

Their platform has advantages that the current platform does not have. With unifinity, Universities, parents and students can more easily interact because they are all connected in an application. Parents can monitor their children in schools, universities can more easily provide activities schedules for their students, and students can more easily access the information needed. And most importantly this application is directly integrated by the bank, so they can be used to make payments related to education such as payment of fees, activity payments, and buying stationery supplies. Although this application is personal, parents can still monitor their children's expenses. Because every student makes an expenditure through the application or simply withdraws money, there will be a transaction history that will be notified to their parents. this makes parents more trusting in their children and can be more in control of what they buy. 
Supervision is one focus of this application, all student activities will be recorded in the application. from attendance to doing outside school activities will be monitored, this makes it easier for schools to collect data. 

Like crypto projects in general, unifinity also has tokens that can be used in their applications. There are many token functions, one of which is as an incentive for students and can be used to make payments in their applications. in the future tokens can also be traded in the crypto market. And there are many uses that await the future. 

What I know about their tokens is that they are on the ethereum blockchain network, this can be seen from the address of the wallet that starts with 0x. So later their tokens can be traded on the DEX ethereum market. But that's not the most important thing, what I want to explain is unifinity is very appropriate to use ethereum as their blockchain network. because ethereum tokens are more familiar and popular than other similar platforms. 

Unifinity is a project that has developers from the Southeast Asia region, precisely they have offices in the Philippines, for the complete address you can see on their website. and finally, unifinity is one of the projects that has been actively marketing their platforms throughout the past year until now they have held conferences to introduce their projects and platforms in various countries. If there was no corona pandemic, maybe they are currently also having a conference at a university. 
Their platform hasn't been released yet, but you can be part of shop.unifinity. Shop.unifinity is one of the features that will be on their platform, this feature is a marketplace that will facilitate students in meeting their needs. if you are a trader you can register to become a partner of shop.unifinity for free, if you want to register, you can directly go to their website. 

And that's all of my brief reviews of this inspiring project. I hope you understand more now about the Unifinity project. If you want to find more detailed information, you can visit one of the links below. or / unifinity_ph
https: // bit .ly / kertas putih UNY

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