Easy and fast way to lose weight

how to lose weight is a topic that is often asked by us when our weight increased starts to show. Overweight or obesity for some people is a nightmare, especially for those of us who care about appearance and health problems. Not infrequently those who are too worried about the weight of their body does an extreme diet. The diet was so strict even, that it feels like more of a torment. In fact, to get a slim body, it's not only depend on food intake. But also on how much fat and calories the body is burned.
That's why here I will share tips on how to quickly lose wieght with the healthiest method. And here are various ways to lose weight or return your weight to the ideal conditions that you can try at home.

A quick way to lose healthy weight
  • Drink lots of water
The first way to lose weight is with water. Oftentimes, people get confused when they are thirsty with hunger, so they end up eating foods that contain extra calories from foods or cold drinks needed, of course this does not help you lose weight at all.
When you are thirsty, mineral water is a good choice as a quick way to lose weight. If you don't like mineral water, try adding orange or juice, which has a lot of flavor but isn't low in calories.
  • Expand foods that contain fiber
An effective way to lose weight is to eat more fiber. Foods that are rich in fiber help you to feel full for a long time. One type of fiber, thick fiber, can form a gel when it comes in contact with water. This gel will increase the time to absorb nutrients and slow down digestion, so that the stomach does not empty quickly. This thick fiber can be found in wheat cereals, vegetables, fruit, nuts and flaxseeds. In addition, you can also get it on glucomannan supplements.
  • Avoid eating while doing other things
Avoid eating while watching television or working at the computer. People who are distracted when eating, can eat about more than 25% of calories than those who are not distracted. That's why you should not eat while you are doing other activity.
  • Maintain sleep patterns and avoid stress
When you lack of sleep, the leptin hormone (a hormone that stimulates hunger) and the ghrelin hormone become disturbed. Meanwhile, stress could increase the production of the hormone cortisol, this will interfere with the work of other hormones. If these hormones are disrupted, hunger will also increase.
  • Actively moving
Who says you burn calories only when exercise? with us actively moving can actually burn calories in the body. That's why try to move, you can walk leisurely, up the stairs, or just clean the house every day.
  • Reduce eating foods that contain salt
Not only in terms of the actual seasoning, salt here also includes all snacks that taste salty and high in sodium. Salt is usually used to preserve food, but the nature of salt also binds water so that it can make the body appear larger (bulging, swollen). And because salt is 'addictive', it could make you want to eat snack even more. One powerful way to avoid salt is to buy packaged snacks or processed foods.
  • Reduce Consuming Fried Food
Well guys, who would have thought that fried foods could make our stomachs more stretchy, that's why many experts say that in the process of dieting you should avoid eating fried foods. And it would be nice to eat boiled food, this will certainly make your body more healthy. My advice as long as you are on a diet, it's better not to eat fried foods. This will speed you up to lose weight
  • Stop before you are full
Eat when you are hungry and stop before you are full. This method is effective in losing weight, by maintaining a healthy diet, the calories in the body can be controlled and the weight will decrease.
  • morning and evening exercise
Diet is not complete without exercise, it wouldn't be optimal if the diet is not accompanied by regular exercise. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, exercise is the most important activity. Do sit-ups, push-ups, or take a leisurely walk for about an hour every morning and evening. This will speed up the absorption of calories in our body.

Those are some tips on how to lose weight fast. The essence of losing weight is actually maintaining a healthy diet and moves your body a lot. So it will be less optimal if you go on a diet, but you don't exercise or otherwise diligently exercise but don't maintain your diet.

Maybe for those of you who are on a diet for the first time, you must be confused about choosing foods to eat, because there are many restrictions such as not allowed to eat oily or salt-filled foods and so on. for that I will also recommend some healthy foods that you can eat while on a diet.

Healthy food recommendations while on a diet
  1. Fruit and Vegetable
    Maybe fruits and vegetables can not be used as a staple food, because the calorie content found in fruits and vegetables is low. but fruits and vegetables can be a healthy diet for you who are on a diet. Fruits and vegetables have a low carbohydrate content and are high in nutrients, that's why the fruit is very suitable for you who are on a diet.
  2. Fish
    Fish have a high protein content and are low in fat, which is why fish are very suitable for your diet. But keep in mind that not all fish are suitable for diet, there are many fish that are not recommended because it will have the opposite effect. from some good advertisements, i recommend to eat salmon. Salmon is rich in nutrients and also protein. This fish is also high in healthy omega 3 fatty acids which can help you lose weight. And fish becomes the main meal if you want to go on a Nordic diet, keep in mind the Nordic diet is a diet that focuses on fish consumption and reduces carbohydrate intake. The Nordic diet is almost the same as the keto diet, the difference is that in the keto diet, we don't eat foods that contain carbohydrates at all and only rely on nutrients from meat, meat and vegetables.
  3. Yogurt
    Yogurt has a fairly low sugar content. The content of vitamins and fiber is quite high. Even though yogurt is produced from milk, it's very safe for those whose on a diet. No matter how many you eat yogurt, you wouldn't get fat. 
  4. Egg
    Why eggs? Because eggs contain high protein and contain healthy fats which are good for those of you who are doing a diet. The number of calories contained in eggs is not much, but eggs can make full quickly and can last a long time.
So those are some ways that must be done to lose weight fast and healthy. Apart from exercise and maintaining sleep patterns, food is an equally important factor in losing weight. If one of these three things is not done, it will be very difficult to lose weight. I have tried to find this and proven effective in losing weight. In the first week I lost 3kg, and in a month I lost 10kg. My weight which was 63kg dropped to 53kg in just a month.

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