8 This Skin Care that coulf Damage Facial Skin

8 This Skin Care that coulf Damage Facial Skin - Daily skin care is an important step to get clean, bright and healthy skin. But many of us are not aware that the steps taken for daily skin care can be the cause of facial skin damage.
8 This Skin Care that coulf Damage Facial Skin
Yep, there are some facial skin care done wrong that is do more harm the skin, than actually improve it. Here it is 8 skin treatments that must be stopped because it can actually damage the condition of facial skin:

1. Didn't use sunscreen even when cloudy
The sun's rays remain even though the weather is cloudy and foggy, which means the skin still needs protection from UV rays even though the weather isn't as bright as in summer. Therefore, wear sunscreen every day in all weather, even when it rains.

2. Take a hot shower
A hot bath is soothing, but a hot shower for too long could make the skin dry, wrinkled, and skin loses its natural oils.

3. Wash your face with ice water or super cold water
The water is too cold just as bad as the water too hot. Ice cold water could also make your skin dry. When cleaning your face, you should start by using warm water to open pores, clean your face with soap or cleansing milk, then rinse your face with cold water (but not as cold as ice) to close the pores again.
4. Exfoliating too often
Washing your face too often with soap could actually make your skin dry. Meanwhile, too often rubbing the skin with exfoliating ingredients will actually make the skin dull and look old, because the skin loses its natural oil and does not have enough time to grow new skin cells.

We always think that the more often cleaning means the better, even though that is not true. Therefore, clean your face with soap a maximum of twice a day, then exfoliating is enough to do once a month or most often twice a month.

8 This Skin Care that coulf Damage Facial Skin
5. Wrong choice of skincare ingredients
Choosing skincare and cosmetic ingredients that are suitable for your skin type is an important step in starting a skin care routine. If you don't know your own skin type, ask the opinion of a dermatologist 

Dermatologist provide advice on skincare ingredients and cosmetics that are good and not good for our skin, the type of skin care that needs to be done, to help overcome skin problems if we have them.

6. Using the same skincare and cosmetic products for a long time
The condition of our skin changes with times within our body condition. The skin can be drier, looser, and thinner than a few years before. Therefore, of course we need a different skincare from a few years ago. If skincare products no longer provide the desired results, it is time to use another skincare product.

Weather is also a factor that influences changes in body and skin conditions. In winter, the skin is usually drier so we need to apply moisturizer more often, or need to use a special moisturizer for dry skin during winter.

8 This Skin Care that coulf Damage Facial Skin7. Lazy to change makeup tools
Makeup tools include powder sponges, combs, brushes, eyelash curlers and all the tools used to apply makeup, hair and body. Makeup tools need to be cleaned regularly to get rid of bacteria that could damage the skin's condition. Makeup tools such as powder sponges and brushes should be replaced immediately with new and clean ones if they are dirty.

8. Lazy cleaning
Other bad habits that can also damage our skin are lazy to change pillowcases, and lazy to wash towels. Pillowcases and towels can hold a lot of dust and oil from the skin and hair.
If not cleaned, dust and oil on the pillowcase can be back and enter into our skin, causing acne and other skin problems. So, be diligent when cleaning pillowcases, towels, bed linen, blankets and clothing if you want to have clean and healthy skin.
8 This Skin Care that coulf Damage Facial Skin
You wonderinh why facial acne is hard to disappear? It could be that, the cause of the acne is bacteria from make-up tools, clothes, or pillowcases that are worn everyday. Be diligent about cleaning and caring for your skin properly so that facial skin remains beautiful and healthy.

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