10 Health Benefits of Bananas

Eating bananas without being processed or added to anything can provide many health benefits for our bodies. Bananas contain many nutrients including potassium, zinc, iron, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E. So eating bananas every day could make the body stay healthy. And because of the many nutrients contained in bananas it is not uncommon for many doctors to recommend this fruit as a diet when we are sick. For those of you who have digestive problems, bananas could be one of the natural remedies, because bananas have a lot of fiber. Besides there are many other benefits that you could get if you consume bananas regularly such as:

10 Health Benefits of Bananas
10 Health Benefits of Bananas
1. contains a lot of nutrients
Bananas are rich in mineral potassium which is important for kidney and bone health. Eating two bananas every day could suppress the release of calcium in the urine causing kidney stones. The release of calcium could also cause osteoporosis and brittle bones. Potassium is also important for maintaining heart function and regulating blood pressure to be normal. The results of research conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine states that eating bananas regularly could reduce the risk of stroke by 40%.

Eating a quarter of a banana every day is enough to meet the daily needs of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 in bananas helps the formation of hemoglobin, regulates blood sugar levels, breaks down amino acids, and produces antibodies for stronger immunity. Other nutritional content in bananas are vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, iodine, iron, selenium, and zinc.

2. helps digestion
Two bananas every day could be a natural laxative to overcome constipation. Because the fiber in bananas makes food pass through the digestive tract smoothly.

According to an article in the Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry released in 2009, bananas contain a lot of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). FOS is known as a prebiotic because it is responsible for feeding good bacteria in the digestive system which helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently.

3. gives more energy
Bananas provide better carbohydrates than rice to replace the muscle glycogen (muscle sugar) that has been used. The trick is to convert natural sugar into instant energy. For this reason, bananas become a favorite fruit to restore energy after vigorous exercise or as a practical healthy breakfast.
10 Health Benefits of Bananas

4. Healthy bone forming
Just like i've mentioned before that the potassium in bananas suppresses the release of calcium in urine, thus preventing osteoporosis and brittle bones. In addition, the fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) in bananas have an extraordinary ability to absorb calcium in the body. In other words, potassium and FOS in bananas are important minerals for healthy bone formation.

5. help overcome stomach ulcer
The compounds in bananas are able to create thick walls to protect the stomach from hydrochloric acid. Protease inhibitors in bananas also help get rid of bacteria in the stomach that cause stomach ulcers. Therefore, regular eating bananas could help prevent stomach ulcers.

6. improve nerve function and brain ability
Bananas are rich in B complex vitamins so they could help with nerve function. While the potassium content in bananas keeps mental skills alert and increases the brain's ability to learn. Potassium in fruits could help in learning because potassium helps focus.
Health Benefits of Bananas

7. for a healthy heart
Potassium, which is contained in bananas, is an electrolyte mineral that is needed to keep the heart beating. Bananas are high in potassium, calcium, and magnesium, and low in sodium so they could help protect the cardiovascular system from high blood pressure.

8. improve mood and reduce stress
Bananas are a source of amino acid tryptophan which is converted into serotonin by the body. Serotonin could improve mood, relieve stress, and improve outward appearance, so it could make you feel happy. Serotonin can also regulate sleep patterns well. Meanwhile, magnesium in bananas could make muscles more relaxed.

9. improve vision
Bananas contain vitamin A which is important for protecting eye health, maintaining normal vision, and increasing vision in the dark. Vitamin A contains compounds that protect the membrane around the eyes, and is a protein element that sends light to the cornea. In addition, bananas are also one of the fruits that could protect the body from macular degeneration that causes blindness.
10 Health Benefits of Bananas
10. reduce the risk of cancer
A 2005 study in Sweden found that women who ate more than 75 servings of vegetables and fruit (especially bananas) were able to reduce their risk of kidney cancer by up to 40 percent. Meanwhile, women who eat 4-6 bananas per week reduce kidney cancer by half. Bananas could help prevent kidney cancer because they contain lots of phenolic antioxidants.

No less important than the 10 health benefits of bananas that have been mentioned, bananas could also help the problem of dependence on smoking. For those who want to quit smoking, eating two bananas every day can help escape dependence on cigarettes more quickly. This is because bananas contain lots of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, magnesium and potassium which help with the healing effects of nicotine in the body.

Tips for eating bananas
Here are some tips on eating good bananas according to Rinaldipedia.
The right time to eat bananas
The right time to eat bananas
Actually there is no right time to eat fruit. However, you should consume fruit before the main meal time. This will help the body to consume excessive food in the next session. This is important for maintaining weight.

Consumption of bananas during the day could help restore the body's energy. The natural sugar content in bananas and high fiber could make the body's energy quickly filled. Research also shows that eating two bananas could provide enough energy to do strenuous activities for 90 minutes. In addition, eating bananas or other fruit shortly before mealtime could help the body feel full faster.

If you experience sleep disturbance at night, you should start eating bananas a few hours before going to bed at night. Because, bananas contain substances that could provide a calming effect on the brain. In addition, eating bananas at least half an hour before bedtime helps the body avoid constipation. Fiber in bananas will help to defecate, while the nutritional content will make you not snack before bed.
Tips for eating bananas
Side effects of eating too much banana
Anything that is excessive is not good. This expression is true and applies to everything, including eating bananas. It seems almost no one says that bananas have a bad impact on the body.

But, wait a minute. If consumed in the right amount and appropriately, bananas do have a myriad of benefits for both health and beauty. Starting from reducing the symptoms of nausea, fighting depression, to neutralize blood sugar levels.

However, if consumed in excessive amounts, these beneficial sweet fruit could actually turn into deadly food. Indeed there is no definitive answer about this, but nutritionists say that you should consume no more than two bananas a day. This is because bananas contain amino acids that could cause dizziness and palpitations if consumed too much. Too much potassium and vitamin B6 that enter together in the body could cause similar effects.

Basically, adults need 3,500mg of potassium every day, and could be fulfilled by consuming 7 bananas in one day. But eating bananas in sufficient quantities every day is certainly not recommended for the health and nutritional balance of your body, especially those who have kidney disease. Two bananas a day are already able to provide the nutrients and calories needed.

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