10 Facts About Skin Aging Need to Know

You must know the facts of skin aging, so you know how to prevent skin aging from an early age. Because the skin can aged faster than it should if not treated properly. Signs of premature aging include: dry and rough skin, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, and decreased jaw and neck lines.

The skin is the main marker of a person's health condition. In addition, the skin is the largest organ in the human body, as well as being the first organ to protect the body from foreign objects that could harm the body.

10 Facts About Skin Aging Need to Know
10 Facts About Skin Aging Need to Know
By knowing the facts of skin aging, the characteristics of skin aging, and the causes of skin aging, then we will know how to prevent skin aging early on.

1. Wrinkled skin can begin at the age of 25
Depending on how you care for the skin so far. If you did not pay attention to the condition of the skin, fine lines on the forehead or smile lines, and fine lines around the eye area can be seen since the age of 25.

2. The point of aging appears more on the skin that is often exposed to sunlight
Facial skin wrinkles faster than skin on other body parts. And because of that, the face must get extra care compared to other body parts.

3. Sunscreen is important for anti-aging skin
Research shows that those who use sunscreen every day have a 24% lower risk of skin aging than those who do not normally use sunscreen.

4. Light-skinned people age faster than dark-skinned people
People who have bright eye colors (such as blue eyes and hazel eyes), as well as white people, have a higher risk of skin damage due to sunlight than those with dark skin. But, also don't deliberately darken the skin, because unnatural skin darkening could potentially expose you to a risk of skin cancer.

5. Darkening the skin can cause skin to age faster
This relates to points 3 and 4 above. Frequent exposure to sunlight without using a sunscreen or other skin protection can cause damage to the skin, especially deliberately darkening the skin using tanning beds. In addition to premature aging, the process of darkening the skin can also cause skin cancer. So, you should think again if you want to use tanning beds.

6. Washing your face too often causes your skin to dry
Washing your face with soap more than twice a day can cause the skin to lose its natural oil. As a result, the skin becomes dry and prone to wrinkles. We recommend using facial soap only once a day, and the rest using natural ingredients such as essential oils or cleansing milk. This can maintain the skin's natural moisture, and make it not wrinkles quickly.
Facts About Skin Aging Need to Know
7. Frequently repeating the same facial expressions can cause fine lines and wrinkles
Facial expressions such as squinting, pouting, or grinning can cause fine lines on the forehead, skin around the eyes, and accentuate smile lines. 

8. Sleeping on your side can cause wrinkles on the skin of the cheeks and chin
Sleeping on your side will press your cheeks and chin for hours every night, this can cause lines on the skin to be compressed. If this continues for years, the lines can last permanently on facial skin that is always pressed. 

9. Gravity causes a decrease in the jaw
Have you ever noticed? Someone who has a round or oval face when he is young, can have a slightly elongated face and cheeks that get relaxed when they are 40 or 50 years old? That's because their jaws began to decline.

This is most common in western people, with oval facial contours, especially women. Hence, face-lift surgery or face lifting is popular in western countries. Speaking of face-lifts, in Asia too many people are doing it. But usually because their skin is sagging, not the jaw.

10. Cigarettes and alcohol can make skin wrinkle faster

Cigarettes and alcohol are enemies of health. Even if you are not a smoker, being exposed to cigarette smoke is as bad as smoking. While alcohol can cause dry skin. Alcohol in drinks and alcohol in beauty products is just as bad. So, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

Now, since you already know the cause of skin aging, you can improve your lifestyle to prevent skin aging, right?

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