Foods that you shouldn't give to cats

There are many people who love cats in this world, they are cute and adorable pets. But lots of them do not know how important it is to take good care of their cat, the result is their pet cats are sick and some are unfortunately dead.
Some cases of death experienced by cats occur because of the owner gave the wrong food. Here I will tell you what foods should not be given to cats. The foods might be fine if eaten by humans, but it's dangerous if they were eaten eaten by cats.

Here is some list of following foods that you shouldn't give to cats

1. Chocolate, coffee and tea
Although delicious, it turns out chocolate, coffee or tea is not good for cat's digestive system. These food contains caffeine and theobromine. The content could cause diarrhea, abnormalities in blood pressure, fatal poisoning and damage to important internal organs. therefore you shouldn't give chocolate, coffee or tea to cats.

2. Rice
Although cats are carnivorous animals, a few of them eat rice . some cat owners sometimes mix rice on their pet food. they think rice can be a healthy alternative food. but keep in mind, rice is actually dangerous for cats, because the digestive tract in cats is difficult to digest carbohydrates. cats need more energy, to digest rice. therefore you should not mix rice in your cat food.

3. milk, cheese and yogurt
milk, cheese and yogurt are processed foods from cow's milk that contain lots of lactose. Like humans, some cats may have lactose intolerance. If their bodies cannot digest it, they could experience digestive disorders such as diarrhea. you should always pay attention to your cat's condition after you give milk, cheese or yogurt. If there is an indication of diarrhea, you should stop giving the processed milk products to your cat.

4. bones
Maybe you've seen lots of them in the movies, a scene of cats who like bones especially fish bones. This is actually a wrong information. because giving bones to cats turns out to be dangerous. Bones can be a problem for their teeth. Although they can swallowed it, the sharp bones can cause intestinal disorders, constipation to bleeding during bowel movements. if you want to give food like meat, especially fish meat, you should separate it from the bone first.

5. raw fish
Raw fish contains enzymes that can cause vitamin B1 to be removed. Vitamin B1 deficiency can cause your pet cat to experience anorexia. If you really want to give fish to your cat, make sure the fish is cooked first and don't forget to separate the bones of the fish from the meat.

6. raw eggs
Eggs are an excellent source of protein, but don't give raw eggs to cats because they can contain harmful bacteria like Salmonella. Most importantly, don't let the cats eat egg whites. Egg white contains Avidin protein which can bind to vitamin B7. If left unchecked, the cat will experience a lack of nutrients needed by the cat.

7. foods that contain salt
It turns out that salt can make electrolytes in cats become unbalanced, so you should not give salty food to cats.

8. fruits
there are many fruits that shouldn't be given to cats, one of which is grapes, avocados, and oranges. these fruits will be poisonous if given to cats. so it's best to avoid giving fruits to cats.

9. alcohol
Many people know that alcohol has a bad effect on the human body. Which is why it's forbidden to give alcohol to animals, especially cats. cat's digestive organs are very intolerant of alcohol, so even if only a small amount is consumed by cats, it could cause poisoning and worst of all your cat will die.

10. onions
All types of onions, be it shallots, garlic, and onions it self, could cause very serious health problems when eaten by cats. Onions could damage red blood cells in the cat's body and cause anemia. Not only anemia, onions could also cause stomachache to the cats. because it's difficult for cats digestive organs to process/digest onions in the stomach.

Now then you know what foods should not be given to cats. from now on you should be wise in choosing healthy foods that you'll give to cats. 

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