Does drinking cold water can make our body fatter?

There are many myths about our body, One of them is that often drinking cold water can make our bodies fatter, is that correct? Is this a fact or just a myth. I wrote an article about this, here we go..

A glass of cold water is a thirst release in the middle of a hot day. However, many people believe that the frequency of drinking cold water can make you fat. Is that a fact?
cold water can make our body fatter
Cold water is believed able to makes us fat because it can freeze the layer of fat in the stomach. But that is just a myth. In fact, according to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, cold water that is drank will actually warm up according to body temperature, so it is not possible to freeze the fat layer. Therefore, as long as you drink water and not sweet or high-calorie drinks, you don't need to worry about gaining weight.

After all, cold or hot mineral water has zero calories. Water content: 0 gram of carbohydrate, 0 gram of fat, 0 gram of protein. Depending on the source, water can also contain some minerals and vitamins.

So does drinking cold water can makes our body slim? The answer is no. According to health experts, consuming too much water actually does not guarantee the body to be slim. Indeed, consuming lots of water can make you full so that you will not consume excessive food. However, drinking too much water actually puts you at high risk of poisoning and interferes with the process of burning calories. Instead of making your body slim, what happens instead is that you can become fatter because of this habit.

For this reason health experts recommended drinking enough water, which is about 8 glasses per day. So that the body can maintain its health and weight, make sure to always do a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and sleep with adequate time.

Benefits of Drinking Cold Water
does drinking cold water can make our body fatterA study revealed that drinking cold water can actually increase metabolism and make the stomach more full. When drinking cold water, the body's organs will burn extra calories to warm up the liquid that enters the body.
The body needs fluid so that the fabric of cells can function properly. Fluid-deficient bodies run the risk of having metabolic disorders. In fact, metabolic health is important to maintain in order to guarantee a series of chemical processes, including turning food into a source of energy.

However, the effect of weight loss is not just directly happen. This process will take place gradually depending on the increase in body metabolism. Even so, the results of this study still require further research.

In addition, drinking cold water after exercise can increase endurance to do exercise longer and can maintain core body temperature to not increase significantly.
cold water can make our body fatter
So it means drinking cold water will not make the body fatter. Instead, cold water is beneficial for maintaining a healthy body. But keep in mind that healthy water is water that has no taste and color like coffee, beer and others. drink mineral water when you wake up, exercise, and while you eat.

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