24 benefits of virgin coconut oil for health and beauty

Do You know virgin coconut oil?, This oil has many benefits and uses, especially for beauty. virgin coconut oil can be taken directly, mixed with food, and can also be an external medicine by applying it to the skin and hair. Currently there are already many supermarkets that sell virgin coconut oil, but some people prefer to make their own, because they are not sure of the quality of the oil that is sold on the market today.

Here are the benefits of virgin coconut oil 
benefits of virgin coconut oil for health, and beauty care
1. Erasing eczema and psoriasis
With such moisturizing properties, coupled with antibacterial and antifungal properties in erasing dry skin, itching, irritation and infections which also symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

2. Exfoliate the leg
Use coconut oil to clean dead skin cells on the feet, as well as to moisturize dry feet. Mix coconut oil with a little salt, rub gently on the dry skin of the feet, then rinse with water until clean. Coconut oil is also a natural lotion that will treat and moisturize the skin naturally.

3. Hair mask
Apply coconut oil evenly on the hair, cover with a shower cap or towel, leave it for ± 15 minutes. Then wash with shampoo.

4. Works as anti-dandruff
Dandruff is actually dead and dry skin cells on the head. Constant dandruff can make the scalp moldy. To overcome this, use coconut oil as a mask thoroughly on the head and hair 2-3 times per week. A clean and moist scalp can avoid dandruff and fungus.

5. Repair damaged hair
According to a 2003 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science shows that coconut oil is able to enter the hair strands because of its unique fatty acid structure. Using coconut oil as a hair mask could overcome damaged hair due to the coloring or heating process.

6. Remedies for cellulite
Apply regularly to the cellulite, will make the skin softer and cellulite disappears slowly.

7. Natural shaving cream
Use coconut oil as a shaving cream, clean, then apply coconut oil again to moisturize the shaved skin. Coconut oil can reduce skin irritation due to shaving.

8. As a sunscreen
virgin coconut oil contains 4-6 natural SPF. It's not enough to be a substitute for sunscreen, but mixing sunscreen with it can hydrate the skin, prevent dry skin, while protecting the skin from burning or itching due to sun exposure.

9. As an eye makeup remover
The skin around the eyes is a very sensitive part, easily dry and wrinkled. can clean eye makeup well, including waterproof mascara though. Apply a cotton ball on, then gently wipe the skin around the eyes. Do it until the eye area is completely clean of makeup, then rinse with water as usual.

10. Natural facial cleanser and make-up remover
In the same way as cleaning the skin around the eyes, it's also can be used to cleanse the skin thoroughly as well as moisturize it.

11. As a natural lip balm
virgin coconut oil also could hydrate dry lips and maintain moisture.

12. Works as remedies for acne
As already mentioned, coconut oil can cleanse the skin thoroughly. In addition, the antibacterial and antifungal properties can kill acne-causing bacteria, cure skin from irritation, and eliminate acne scars.
24 benefits of virgin coconut oil for beauty care
13. Clean the ear wax
Warm the coconut oil for a few seconds until it melts. Tilt your head, then drop liquid coconut oil into the ear hole, leave for about 10 minutes. After that clean the ear hole with a cotton bud or a cotton swab, then rinse with warm water to remove the remaining oil from the ear hole. Finally, wipe the ears with a towel.

14. Natural body oil
Coconut oil has a creamy and lightweight texture suitable for use as a substitute for body lotion. If necessary, add a few drops of peppermint oil or lavender oil. Rub a little coconut oil on the entire body after bathing. Besides moisturizing, the tropical aroma of coconut oil can have a calming effect.

15. Breath freshener
The content of antibacterial and antifungal properties can clean the mouth properly. Use one spoon to rinse for 10-20 minutes can clean the mouth of germs, and make teeth whiter, healthy gums, and make the breath fresher.

16. Healing bath
If the skin experiences itching due to rashes, sunburn, or dryness, you can use it to soak. Add ¼ cup of coconut oil to warm water, then use it to soak. If necessary, also add ¼ cup of salt and a few drops of essential oil as aromatherapy. Soaking in warm water with a mixture of coconut oil can relax the body, cleanse and moisturize the skin. Make sure the water is always warm so that coconut oil does not clot, then clean the tub well afterwards so it is not slippery.

17. Natural energy enhancer
Medium chain triglycerides it contains could provide additional energy for a tired body after strenuous exercise. Drink at least 1 tablespoon of pure coconut oim to get the benefits. Either drink directly, or add to smoothies, juices, coffee, and even milk.

18. Helps to lose weight
Unlike other oils, coconut oil does not undergo an oxidation process when heated, because it's made from healthy saturated fat which remains stable even at high temperatures. In addition, consuming coconut oil can facilitate digestion and increase the body's metabolism.

19. Treat wounds
The antibacterial and antifungal content in coconut oil makes coconut oil ideal for treating small wounds caused by cuts or scrapes. Do not use coconut oil on large and severe wounds, however, coconut oil is only first aid for small wounds. 

20. Overcoming fungal infections
Fatty acids it contains also very effective at killing fungus. Fatty acids from coconuts can enter the fungal membrane, then destroy the fungus from the inside. To deal with fungal infections, apply evenly and regularly on the infected skin until the symptoms of the infection are clean.

21. Remedies for a dry nose
Extreme weather, lack of drinking, flu, colds, too often touching the nose could make the nose area reddish. Apply a small amount of coconut oil to the nose area, then wipe with a soft cotton or tissue to clean the nose from dirt and dry skin cells. Spread this coconut oil while moisturizing the dry, reddish nose area.

22. Good for pregnant women
virgin coconut oil believed to be good for pregnant women, because drinking regularly during pregnancy can simplify the birth process, and make the baby's skin in the womb become cleaner. also believed to increase breastfeeding in nursing mothers.

23. As a massage oil
Use coconut oil to massage. It's Soft, moist, and clean.

24. Get rid of head lice
Start by rubbing apple cider vinegar on the scalp. After the apple vinegar dries, apply coconut oil to the entire scalp, leaving it overnight (12-24 hours). Comb hair gently to get rid of head lice, then wash with shampoo.
24 benefits of virgin coconut oil for health
Tips for selecting and storing Virgin Coconut oil:
Now there are many worst quality Virgin coconut oil, the cause is because it's no longer pure. Therefore, before buying, pay attention to this, the original virgin coconut oil is clear as water (pure white) when clotted. Changes in coconut oil texture due to room temperature are normal and does not damage coconut oil. It doesn't even get the oxidation process when it's cooked. Be sure to choose the original to get the best benefits. And do not store coconut oil in a closed container in a hot room for too long because, such place could make it evaporate, and the steam water mixed with coconut oil is what can make coconut oil quickly damaged and even moldy. Therefore, keep coconut oil out of the sun, and store it in a cool place.

So those are some of the benefits of virgin coconut oil. Although there are already many supermarkets that sell virgin coconut oil, but I myself prefer to make it myself. The reason is because it's easy to make and I know the quality of coconut oil. If you want maybe next time, I'll explain how to make coconut oil. For now that's all from me.

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