Tips to quit smoking cigarettes

Tips to quit smoking cigarettes - For some people cigarettes are a basic necessity. Many think cigarettes are as important as food. Although there are many doctors who say smoking is very dangerous, there are still many people who smoke. In this modern era it is not just adult men who smoke, students and even women have started to have the habit of smoking. 

If you want to be healthy and have a strong body, avoid smoking. Because one of the main causes of health problems is in cigarettes. Because smoking causes heart disease, lung disease, cancer, impotence and pregnancy disorders. For those of you who are addicted and want to quit smoking I will give you a few tips that you can try. I have done a number of these tips, the results are very amazing, I tried to reduce it when I first tried it. And now it has been more than 1 year that i've been quit smoking. 
Tips to quit smoking cigarettes
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Here are some tips to quit smoking according to Rinaldipedia

1. Brush your teeth routinely 
Usually, smokers have the smell of musty breath like the smell of cigarettes. Therefore, one of the good things you have to do to stop smoking is to start brushing your teeth in the morning and night. The benefit of brushing your teeth regularly is to make your mouth not smell and your breath to be fresh. That way you can minimize the desire to smoke. 

2. Avoid alcoholic drinks, coffee or tea 
Based on my personal experience, the best friend when smoking is coffee, or alcohol. One of those drinks must always accompany me when I'm smoking. So for those of you who want to quit smoking start avoiding alcoholic drinks and coffee. It's better to start drinking mineral water or natural juices occasionally. Because it is healthier. 

3. Eat candy 
Candy can be an alternative to cigarettes. Because basically people who smoke feel sour or bitter in their lips or mouth. By eating sweets like candy, we can forget about the dependence of cigarettes. This method may be temporary, because if done continuously it will cause new problems such as weight gain. 

4. Do exercise diligently
By exercising and waking up in the morning we can minimize the impact that is caused due to smoking. People who exercised regularly are usually sooner or later going to stop smoking. Because exercising can help reduce and divert the desire for nicotine. 

If the tips for quitting smoking above have not been successful, you can take medical steps. Doctors can prescribe drugs that can help reduce the desire to smoke by influencing chemical processes in the brain. This drug also makes smoking no longer satisfying. There are also drugs that can help reduce the effects of nicotine addiction such as depression and inability to concentrate. 

5. Change your diet method 
By eating healthy foods is no less important, it can also make you stop smoking. While still used to smoking, some people feel less eager to eat because of the effects of nicotine and cigarettes on the taste buds. When quitting smoking, living a healthy diet can be a step to nourish the body and as a reminder to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Tips to quit smoking cigarettes
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6. Avoid stress 
One reason why many people become smokers is because they are stressed. Cigarettes can be an alternative to relieve stress such as alcohol which can make people forget the problem. The relaxing effects of smoking make people have more smoking to help them think. But in reality is quite wrong, although for the short term it may be, but not with the long term. For this reason, if you want to stop smoking, one of the things that must be stopped is to stop smoking when you are having problems. 

7. Keep trying and don't give up 
This is the most important, all of the above methods will never succeed if you do not have the intention to stop smoking. The thing you should know about quit smoking is how difficult it is to stay away from the habut, which is why we must not give up and keep trying until we succeed. 

So those are some tips I've done to quit smoking. For those of you who have never smoked, you should never try. Because that is a big mistake. Although cigarettes are not as dangerous as narcotics, you need to know that smoking is one of the biggest causes of death, almost 3 million people die every year from smoking. so if you want to live a healthy life, then stop smoking. 

That is all from me, read other health articles just on that will certainly worth your time.

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