How to overcome the problem of insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that occurs at night, marked by difficulty sleeping and staying asleep, even if you have that opportunity. Generally a person with insomnia will not be satisfied with the quality of their sleep and feels tired when they wakes up the next morning. There are many causes for someone experiencing insomnia, one of which is because they are used to sleeping late at night. Usually to overcome the problem of insomnia someone taking sleeping pills, but you need to know that too often taking medication will cause dependence on the pills. Do you know insomnia can also be overcome without using medication? Here is some explanation regarding insomnia. 
How to overcome the problem of insomnia
Symptoms of Insomnia 
People who experience insomnia will experience difficulty sleeping, often awake at night and appear exhausted. They tend to be anxious, tense and worried. People who experience insomnia do not feel sleepy even though it's late. Looks exhausted when doing activities in the morning and doesn't seem to be enthusiastic. Tends to stay active at night. Often wake up from bed and do other things because they can't fall asleep like people usually do. 

The impact that is caused from Insomnia
  • Physiological Impact : Your body will feel tired, blood pressure rises, feeling dizzy, joints pain, molecular components in the body also increase and have an impact on health problems. 
  • Psychological effects : Can cause memory disorders, difficult to concentrate, loss of motivation and enthusiasm, dissatisfaction, depression, and others. 
Here are some ways to overcome Insomnia problems without using medication according to Rinaldipedia. 

1. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine. 
Caffeine can make a person difficult to sleep. So, don't consume caffeinated drinks at night. Caffeine is not only in coffee, it is found in soft drinks, chocolate and even tea. Many doctors suggest maximizing milk before going to bed because it is more healthy than drinking drinks containing caffeine. 

2. Changing your lifestyle. 
Insomnia usually attacks someone with an unhealthy lifestyle. It's best to start a healthy life like getting up early, sleeping early and doing an exercise regularly because it can help to cure insomnia. By doing an healthy lifestyle, not only we can avoid the problem of insomnia but the body becomes more fit and not easily affected by any kind disease. 

3. Don't eat too much at night. 
Too much eating at night is not good. besides being able to cause sleep disturbances, too much eating at night can also cause obesity. Someone will find it hard to sleep when their stomach is full, and thus you need to not eat at night. 

4. Take a shower before going to bed. 
Bathing can be one way to overcome insomnia problems. Taking a bath before going to bed makes our body refreshed. You can take a bath with warm water 1 or 2 hours before going to bed. With showering using warm water can also reduce tension in the body after a day of activity. 
5. Do relaxation.
Do you know that listening to music, practice breathing and meditation can cure insomnia problems. Relaxing will help slow down the processes that occur in the body so that your body becomes more relaxed. This situation will make it easier for you to sleep. 

6. Stop reading books, watch television and play smartphones.
You will never be able to sleep if you continue reading books and watching television and even playing smartphones. It's best to stop all these activities when you want to sleep. Too focused on something will make it difficult for us to sleep. 

7. Turn off the lights before you going to sleep. 
Sleeping in a room with the lights on will only keep the eyes active. The brain responds and keeps you awake. So, in order to get a good quality sleep , make sure you sleep with the lights turned off. Or if you don't like the dark room you can use a night lamp. The point is, sleeping in a place that has minimal light makes us fast asleep. 

So those are the methods you can apply if you experience insomnia problems. Insomnia can be overcome without using medication, the most important is always to apply a healthy lifestyle and exercise every day. Always remember that sleep is a basic need for the body to grow and improve the function of the affected organs. With enough sleep, we will feel more fit when wake up in the morning and ready to do various activities throughout the day from morning to night. 

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