Fruits and vegetables that are suitable to eat when you are on a diet

Many people misinterpret diet, many think that diet is a difficult activity because we are forced not to eat. everyone who thinks a diet like this is very wrong. 

Some doctors say that a healthy diet is about how to regulate the right diet and exercise. We don't have to exercise at all times, or don't eat for some time. We only need to eat foods that are low in calories such as fruits and vegetables. The key to the success of a diet is to consume fruits and vegetables on a regular basis and regular exercise. 
Then what fruits and vegetables are suitable for those who are on a diet? 

The following recommendations are good fruit consumed when you are on a diet 

1. Melon 
Melon fruit is a fruit that is good for the diet because the water contained in melons is able to fill the stomach without having to produce fat, besides by consuming lots of melons, digestion is also getting smoother. With smooth digestion, of course the food you consume is not buried in the stomach. It is recommended to maintain the portion, you can consume melons for dietary intake for 3 days. 

2. Apple 
Apple is a fruit that is highly recommended for consumption for a strict diet, this is because apples contain many nutrients for the body. If you are one of the people who is running a mayo diet, then apples are the fruit that is highly recommended to be on your diet menu. 

3. Watermelon 
Watermelon has vitamin A and vitamin C, it also contain high fiber which make this fruit a suitable food for your healthy diet for a week. This refreshing fruit can also delay hunger and facilitate digestion. 
And that is the reason why watermelon is always included in fruit recommendations for a lean, fast diet. 

5. Papaya 
The efficacy of papaya to facilitate digestion is indeed no doubt excellent . Because Papaya's fiber is quite good, making the digestive tract smooth so that the fat accumulated in the body will also be easily wasted. Papaya is also one of the fruits for a diet that is proven effective for fasting the body. 

6. Kiwi 
Kiwi content in containing Vitamin C which help burn body fat. besides Vitamin C, Kiwifruit is also high in fiber, so it can reduce your appetite significantly, which is certainly very helpful for losing your weight 

And here are some good vegetable lists to consume when you are on a diet 

1. Cucumber 
The content of water and fiber in cucumbers is quite a lot, so it can make you feel full longer so you can leave the habit of snacking gradually. Cucumber is a low-calorie vegetable that is very suitable for a diet to lose weight. The vitamins and nutrients in cucumbers include Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Flavonoids, Polyphenols, Calcium, Protein, and Glutathione. 

2. Celery 
Usually celery is used to make foods taste more savory, like when eating soup. However, this vegetable can help you to a healthier diet. Celery contains 75 percent water and 25 percent natural fiber, so it can facilitate digestion. Not only that, celery also contains sodium and potassium. For those of you who are on a diet while exercising, celery is a vegetable that is suitable to complete your diet menu. You can make celery as a salad or juice. 

3. Spinach 
spinach is a vegetable that can add energy. The energy that you get is the result of burning calories caused by a substance contained in spinach. This substance is known as thylakoid which is claimed to reduce hunger so it is suitable for those of you who are on a diet to lose weight 

4. Lettuce 
Lettuce is a vegetable that has high fiber, so when you eat a bowl of lettuce, you can get a longer feeling of satiety. Lettuce can be consumed raw, such as making it as an ingredient in making salads. However, you can also eat this lettuce by processing it into soup or other dishes. 

5. Carrot 
Carrots are a common vegetable and can be found anywhere. The advantages of carrots compared to a number of other vegetables are easily cooked into various types of food. Carrots can also be served like a drink, you can make a carrot juice. Carrots contain vitamin A to reduce fat cells in our body. 

That's the recommendation of fruits and vegetables that are suitable for consumption when you are on a diet. By eating fruits and vegetables, you don't need to be afraid of starvation when you are on a diet. Although consuming fruit and vegetables is good. but you must balanced it with regular exercise to maximize your diet.

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