Food and drinks that accelerate premature aging

Getting old is something you cannot avoid, but in some cases there are people who already looks older than their actual age. This is influenced by cosmetics or even inappropriate diet. Many people didn't care about what they eat, but do you know some types of food and drinks can also be one of the reason why humans experience premature aging. In this article, I will explain some foods and drinks that accelerate premature aging, especially for women. 
Food and drinks that accelerate premature aging
Here are some foods and drinks that accelerate premature aging, according to Rinaldipedia 
  • Sugar and Salt 
Sugar and salt are mandatory ingredients for making food and drinks. But if we use it excessively it can accelerate premature aging. Foods that contain too much sugar and salt will also make us obese and diabetes can also cause premature aging. 
  • Alcohol 
Alcoholic drinks can cause dehydration, which will make the skin look dry and wrinkled. It is recommended to consume water rather than alcoholic beverages. 
  • Soft drink 
Just like everyone already knew, soft drinks contain many artificial sweeteners that are not good for health. Consuming too many can cause several health problems such as tooth decay, high blood pressure, diabetes, and premature aging. 

  • Foods that contain lots of oil 
Processed foods that are fried are not good for health and can cause premature aging. Too much oily food makes the skin wrinkles. 
  • Foods containing Preservative
If you want to look young, you must avoid foods that contain preservative. There are several substances that are not good for health in Preservatives foods. Some experts recommend consuming foods and drinks without preservatives if you want to be healthy. 
  • Foods from Processed Meat 
Processed meats, such as sausages, contain sulfite and preservatives. These chemicals will trigger inflammation in the skin, and accelerate aging. 
  • Spicy food 
Spicy foods can aggravate reddened skin conditions. Spicy food is also not good for women who are menopausal, because they can experience skin damage. 
  • Caffeine 
Caffeine is also one of the substances that can accelerate premature aging. Caffeine is not only in coffee drinks, but it is also found in tea drinks, chocolate and soft drinks. 
  • fast food 
fast food is a food that many health experts believe as an unhealthy food. because this food contains ingredients which of course are not fresh either seasoning or ingredients using preserved ingredients. So these foods can cause the skin to become dull, and accelerate premature aging. 

those are some food and drink that will accelerates aging prematurely. If you want to stay young, you should stay away from the foods and drinks I mentioned above. and don't forget to exercise every day to make your body healthier. 

That is all from me, look forward to another article that will worth your time just on Rinaldipedia.

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