8 Benefits of Yoga for your health

yoga, is a sport that combines the movements of body parts and requires concentration, calmness and relaxed body condition when doing it. Yoga itself is already exist from about 2000 BC. at this time yoga is an alternative sport that is in great demand, because the benefits are very much, yoga also does not require prime physical strength like other sports, namely running, soccer, boxing, and so on. 
in general, Yoga is usually done by women, but as the age of yoga grows, men also tend to participate now. Today there are so many men and children, that exercise Yoga because yoga itself is good for everyone. There are many benefits of Yoga that we can get, if we do yoga regularly. 

Here are the benefits of Yoga Sports according to Rinaldipedia 
1. Overcoming Hormone Imbalance 
One of the benefits of yoga that can affect our body is to overcome hormonal imbalances. Unbalanced hormone conditions are characterized by decreased health symptoms, such as fatigue and dizziness. 

2. Control Your Appetite 
With yoga, you can keep your appetite in control. According to experts, yoga has proven to be an effective sport to control your emotions. This is based on yoga practices that make it a habit to focus on breathing, so you can control yourself more when hit by a large appetite. 

3. Breathing 
movements in Yoga on average aims to slow down the breathing rate rather than speed it up. By doing yoga regularly, you can adjust your breathing as needed. Yoga can also expand lung capacity to allow you to breathe oxygen in the same amount, or even more, with short breathing. 

4. Relaxation 
The main purpose of this sport is energy. Yoga is the right choice of activities to fill "leisure time" , where we can stay active while getting time for relaxation and muscle recovery, in order to maintain fitness. 
5. Increase concentration and memory ability
movements in yoga consist of small movements of the limbs. you are required to concentrate so that you can do these yoga movements well. In addition, when you relax, you will also be trained to increase your concentration. The concentration will be directly proportional to your memory ability. If you are able to increase concentration, then it's guarantee that your memory will be better. 

6. Burn fat
Although the movements in yoga are relaxed, yoga can also be an effective exercise for burning fat. According to some experts, humans need more energy when they think than to run. That's why yoga can be useful for burning fat, when people do yoga they need to concentrate and to do that requires a lot of energy. 

7. Increases body and joint flexibility 
Yoga can also be beneficial for the flexibility of your body and joints. Movements in yoga require flexibility of the body, such as twisting, crossing the legs and many others. The more you do yoga movements, the more flexibility and flexibility of your body and joints will be maintained and will increase. 

8. Optimizing the function of organs in the body 
In addition to optimizing the function of the heart and lungs. yoga can also help you optimize the functioning of other organs. An example of this is the function of the liver, kidneys, even brain function will increase and become optimal when you do yoga regularly. 

Those are some of the benefits of yoga Sports according to rinaldipedia. in general yoga is very useful for maintaining a healthy body. For women yoga is one of the sports choices that are number one. Because to do this sport we do not need strong physical, and a wide place to practice it. 

Thank you for reading this article. I'll write more article that will certainly worth your time. 

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